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Rosemary Cowan, MA

Rosemary Cowan, MA

Training Associate
http://londonenneagramcentre.co.uk London GB

Rosemary Cowan lives and works in London, UK. She is a registered psychotherapist with a masters in Transpersonal Counselling & Psychotherapy, a couples counsellor and Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition. She uses the Enneagram, among other models, in her work with her clients, as well as in her personal life.

In 2002 she set up the London Enneagram Centre, which holds twice-monthly Enneagram workshops in central London. She regularly conducts interviews and group sessions with private individuals, organisations and business teams to help them develop more skilful and effective relationships.

Rosemary supervises trainee Enneagram teachers, both in the UK and internationally.