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Certified Teachers

Evelyn I. Challis, PhD 310-453-8753 website Santa Monica CA US
Evelyn I. Challis, PhD

Business Consultant, Coach, Teacher, Therapist, Mental Health Professional

Evelyn Challis has been a teacher, therapist, coach, mental health professional, educational and organization development consultant for 30 years. She has worked and tra...

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Sheryl Cohen, PhD
Sheryl Cohen, PhD

Sheryl Cohen, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist who is in her thirty-seventh year in private practice in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio.  It is in Cincinnati where she was introduced to the Enneagram when Helen Palmer first started teaching here in t...

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Certified Teachers

Beren Coulthard 0417 645 624 Currimundi Queensland AU
Beren Coulthard

Our culture does not value stopping, waiting, noticing or pondering. My focus is not counselling, pastoral care or advice giving. I offer a place of hospitality for people to explore and reflect on their Enneagram journey from a spiritual perspective. I r...

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Stephanie Davis 7606134744 website Carlsbad US
Stephanie Davis
Psychology, Accredited Certified Enneagram Teacher, Master Trainer of NLP, Certified in Core Transformation, Mari, Matrix Energetics, Hypnosis

Stephanie Davis is an international trainer educated in Psychology, Business, and Systems Theory. She is a certified, accredited Enneagram Teacher, a certified Master Trainer of NLP and has deeply studied and/or certified in Matrix Energetics, Core Tra...

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Ronda Diegel, PhD 248-730-0597 website Commerce Township MI US
Ronda Diegel, PhD

Dr. Ronda Diegel is a licensed clinical psychologist, yoga and meditation teacher, and Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition. In her capacity as a psychologist, she maintains a clinical practice, provides clinical supervision, and teaches...

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SUZANNE DION 831 359 0332 website Aptos CA US

Having stumbled on the Enneagram by some force of “pure luck,” thanks to Dr. David Daniels, I certified in 2008 as an Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition. I do not believe there is a single day of my life now, irrespective of what I may be...

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Pamela Perkins Donnelly 434.326.0884 website Waynesboro VA US
Pamela Perkins Donnelly
Certified MBTI Practitioner (2014), Enneagram Narrative Tradition (2002)

I am totally fascinated by “the human condition,” the complexities of personality, how we express ourselves, who we are becoming, and the ruts we end up in along the way. We all get stuck sometimes. It’s true. I personally know the cancer battle da...

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Elizabeth Elkins 347-974-1945 website New Orleans LA US
Elizabeth Elkins

As a trained actor and teacher, I am interested in what motivates us. I help you identify your type and connect to your deeper motivations: why you do what you do. With guided inquiry, you will begin to recognize the ways the Enneagram shows up in your d...

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Helen English +44 7974 442 630 website Taunton Somerset GB
Helen English

Helen English runs Positive Space Consulting, working with the Enneagram to transform business and personal space. An experienced Change Consultant, Life Coach and Workshop Leader, she is a member of the Enneagram Europe team delivering professional En...

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Gerry Fathauer, MA 480-688-8056 website Cleveland OH US
Gerry Fathauer, MA

Gerry Fathauer is president of Gerry Fathauer LLC, a consulting firm in Cleveland, OH, specializing in teaching and coaching using the Enneagram. Gerry combines executive experience with intuition to support clients in personal and professional mastery. S...

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Jill Foulger +44(0)7540880873 website St Albans Hertfordshire GB
Jill Foulger

Jill Foulger of St Albans, Hertfordshire, is a counsellor (accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) with more than 12 years experience. She uses the Enneagram as an integral part of her private and professional lif...

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Jutka Freiman +61417667866 website Sydney NSW AU
Jutka Freiman

Jutka Freiman is passionate about the Enneagram as a system that supports transformation in the personal, interpersonal and group field. She is a psychotherapist, group facilitator, trainer, coach and supervisor with 30 years experience. She designs a...

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