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Eva Velechovská

Eva Velechovská

Training Associate
+420 603 889074 Praha Prague CZ

Guarantor, VEVA CZ executive director, owner, trainer, coach

Lecturer, trainer, consultant, EPTP licence holder for the Czech Republic. Author of national educational projects for teachers and managers. Author of a number of books and communication board games.

Education and seminars

 1989 Faculty of Arts Charles University

 Enneagram professional teacher – EPTP certified program, Trifold School of Enneagram Studies TM Helen Palmer and M. D. prof. Dr. David Daniels

 2003 - 2007 SAT, Claudio Naranjo M. D., Italy

 2008 Boston Business School, Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD., two sections

 2010 Coaching with the Enneagram certificate program, G. Lapid-Bogda, PhD., Boston Business School, Santa Fe, New Mexiko

 Passion, Gate to Freedom, Samuel and Ruth Jakob, CZ

 Type Analysis, Samuel and Ruth Jakob, CZ

 Anger and Forgiveness, David Daniels, CZ

 Foundations of Spiritual Method, Helen Palmer, CZ

 Enneagram Interview, Jürgen Gundel, CZ

 Coaching through a Change, Arno Kolhoff, CZ

 Light and Shadow, Samuel and Ruth Jakob, CZ

 The Enneagram and Transformation, Helen Palmer, CZ

 Instinctive Subtypes, Mario Sikora, CZ

 Triadic Approach to the Systemic Enneagram, Gabriela Von Witzleben, CZ

Professional History

 2010 – Senior Member Enneagram in Business, USA, supervisor for All Members Europe.

 2004 – Authorized accredited EPTP lecturer for Czech Republic

 2000 – Member of the European group Enneagram Business Network, supervisor

Eva Velechovská