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Maura Amelia Bonanno

Maura Amelia Bonanno

Certified Teacher Genova IT

I've a Bachelor of Arts with a Master degree in Cultural anthropology, I'm a professional Counselor, a professional Enneagram trainer and a Somatic Movement Educator BMC®.

I have been involved in psychological and spiritual growth, and in bodywork for over thirty years.

I met the Enneagram in 2002 with Amrit Racily and since then I deepened the knowledge of the system in the United States with The Enneagram Institute as a direct student of Don Riso and Russ Hudson, with The Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition as a direct student of Helen Palmer, David Daniels, Peter O’Hanrahan and Terry Sarracino, in Enneagram in Business and Coaching with the Enneagram with Ginger Lapid Bogda, in Enneamotion with Andrea Isaacs, in Enneagram and NLP with Tom Condon. I have also been trained by Sandra Maitri, and Olivier Clousot, Beatrice Chestnut, Uranio Paes, Claudio Naranjo and Katerine Chernic-Fauvre.

I am a certified and authorised teacher at The Enneagram Institute®, founder and director of the Enneagram Institute of Italy, accredited by the International Enneagram Association - IEA.

In the somatic field, I have a diploma as Somatic Movement Educator with the School of Body-Mind Centering®, certifications in Bioenergetics and Body Reading (Lowen), Osho Dance therapy and Expression Primitive as a direct student of Herns Duplan and trainings in ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation and Life Moves.

I have also been trained in Aura-Soma®, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Creative Problem Solving.

I have developed Integral Enneagram, an approach that employs Enneagram, Somatics and the Integral approach and awakens, involves and integrates emotional intelligence, intuition and instinct.

I work as a professional counselor and trainer for corporate training companies, Coaching schools, Counseling schools, Drama and actor schools and Dance schools.

I offer workshops and trainings in Italian, English and French, in Italy and in various European countries. I've been a speaker at the International Enneagram Conferences in 2009 in Brussels, in 2010 in Denmark and San Francisco, in 2014 in Portugal and in 2015 in Sweden and in 2017 in Finland. I published "Crescere con l'Enneagramma" with Armenia edizioni and I have also written for various Italian journals.

In 2000, I became a sannyasin of Osho Rajnesh, living in Pune (India) and experiencing the life in the Commune life, deepening particularly meditative therapies and issues of childhood and abuse. In 2005 I became a disciple of Maulana Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani al-Qubrusi and since then I transmit the Enneagram with his blessing.