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ONLINE: The Somatic Enneagram
May 7 - 9
with Marion Gilbert


Registration is now open.

We each operate from our three centers of intelligence: our Head, Heart and Body (Soma). Though psychology and spirituality teachings  provide valuable insight into our Enneagram type orientation allowing us to work with our mental and emotional lenses, the somatic lens of perception is the most hidden and unconsciously operating lens of the three centers.

Marion Gilbert, RPT, a practicing physical therapist of almost 40 years and Enneagram Teacher of almost 20 years, brings her extensive expertise of Somatics to TNE for a special three day online program. Marion has dedicated her career integrating her vast somatic experience as an avenue of personal transformation and for developing Three Centered Awareness as a platform for spiritual awakening according to the Narrative Enneagram.

As we explore the Enneagram within ourselves or our clients, what is often missing is the deep work through the somatic lens that gives us access to our underlying type structure.

In recent years, neuroscience has studied the brain with functional MRIs and the tracking of brain activity through time. People practicing according to ancient wisdom traditions are studied alongside people with ordinary consciousness. The importance of placement of attention, both habitual and with conscious awareness, have shown us how we filter and register reality through highly conditioned, preferred neuropathways.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • Increasing awareness of how our type structure selects the automatic reactions to impressions.
  • Noticing a sense of safety is created by repeating what was successful in the past in surviving overwhelming circumstances.
  • Accessing a deeper sense of knowing, feeling and sensing by relaxing automatic reactions and choosing our response with greater awareness.

This program is ideal for Practitioners, Certified Teachers and long-time students of the Enneagram. The three days will be a fluid in-body experience, woven together with movement and exercises. Please plan to be in a space that allows you to move around freely.

We will work with developing your understanding and skillful ways to access somatic awareness and somatic inquiry with grounded presence, inner witnessing and conscious placement of attention.

This workshop allows us to go beneath the story of what we know about ourselves and open us to experience our true nature.

Fees and Registration

Tuition: $550

Early Bird: Save $50 if you register by April 5, 2021


8 am – 4 pm Pacific


For more information contact Registrar at 866-241-6162, ext. 1 (toll-free) or +1 303-305-4362 outside the U.S.

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