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ONLINE: Turning Inward – Enriching Our Spiritual Lives through the Enneagram Map
Sep 2 - 16
3 Wednesdays with Christopher T. Copeland and Sandra C. Smith
Wednesdays, September 2, 9, and 16
1 pm – 3 pm Eastern
2-hour webinar with Christopher T. Copeland and Sandra C. Smith
Do you find yourself at an intersection of who you’ve been and a sense of “about to become?” Perhaps you’ve used the Enneagram System to better understand your Enneagram type’s specific automatic patterns and are asking “Now what?” “Who do I want to become?”

As we know, the Enneagram weaves together the psychological and the spiritual, giving us a rich map to guide us in turning inward. By revealing the self-limiting patterns of our ego structure, the Enneagram offers clarity about how our patterns confine us to the familiar, keeping us feeling comfortable. However, at some point, we sense that we are at the edge of someone new. We have outgrown the stories and patterns with which we once over identified, and now notice that we are open to becoming more than we’ve believed ourselves to be.

During our time together, Sandra and Chris will discuss each Enneatype’s holy virtue and the vice to virtue energetic conversion as well as explore the Enlightened Spiritual Perspective (Holy Idea) of each type. In each of these webinars, participants will engage in presence practices and dyad inquiry, learn in small group conversation and work with practices that can move us through false inner narratives and unconscious assumptions. In the final webinar, Chris and Sandra will offer type-specific practices that support our new “becoming.”


1 pm – 3 pm Eastern

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Cost: $125

Register here: https://www.heartoftheenneagram.com/turning-inward-enriching-our-spiritual-lives-through-the-enneagram-map/

About the Instructors

Both Christopher T. Copeland and Sandra Smith are certified Narrative Enneagram teachers and spiritual director with theological training. Together they co-host Heart of the Enneagram podcast and co-authored its companion book.

Chris is a part of the Core Faculty of The Narrative Enneagram and Director of Enneagram Studies project at Wake Forest University. Sandra, founder of AlchemyWorks, has taught and consulted with the Enneagram throughout North America for over 20 years.